Reliable Auger Boring & Pipe Ramming

T & D Trenchless in Murrieta, California, offers complete installation solutions for utilities and pipelines. Our services include auger boring, pipe ramming, and more.

Any Project
Whether your utility lines cross a river, railway, or road, we offer affordable solutions. We have completed a huge variety of HDD (horizontal directional drilling) projects, including drills up to 4,000' in length and projects with up to 42" of pipe. Our past projects have included:

• Airport Runway & Taxiway Crossing
• Marine (Barge-to-Barge Drilling)
• Relocation of Utilities & Pipelines Prior
  to Railroad & Street-Grade Separation Work
• River Crossings
• Railroad, Highway & Street Crossings
• Outfalls & Shore Approaches
Auger, Jack & Bore, Pilot Tube, & Pipe Ramming
Our services are ideal for any project. We have complete bores with up to 84" OD and up to 700' in length. Our past work has included:

• On-Grade Sewer & Water Bores
• Railroad, Highway & Street Crossings
• Berm & Dike Penetration
• Airport Runway & Taxiway Crossing
• Rock Boring (Unguided)
• Rock Boring (Steered)
Other Services:

• Auger Boring/Jack & Bore/Pipe Jacking (Dirt)
• Auger Boring/Jack & Bore/Pipe Jacking (Rock)
• Auger Boring/Jack & Bore Steering Service
• Pilot Tube Microtunneling On-Grade Boring
• Pipe Ramming
• Pipe Extraction
• Slick Boring

Contact us for reliable trenchless solutions for any construction project.